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SANDIS Release 8.3


SANDIS 8.3 Updates

Purchase of Service Program

New fields have been added into the POS program to enhance tracking and reporting. These include:

  • Additional fields for New POS Dates for Submission/Deferral

  • New Retro POS Reports tailored for SCs and PMs

  • Retro POS field

"SDP Acceptance" Flag in Resource File

In the Supplemental tab of the Resource File, there's now an option to flag a vendor for Self Determination Acceptance, and the SDP Acceptance message will display at the bottom of the Primary Resource Information page.

"SDP Waiver" Flag

The SDP Waiver flag is used to identify SDP Waiver clients. Only authorized staff will be able to update the flag. It is located in the Primary Client Record under the Additional Information tab.

Work With Clients Photos

This program is designed for Program Managers and Service Coordinators to access client photo availability based on caseload. It will distinguish clients who have photos from those who do not.

Work With Resource Dates

This program assists Community Services staff in reviewing overdue reports like Contracts, Insurance, Licensures, and DS1891, while also highlighting vendors lacking license data.

Work With Intake Coordination

This new Work With program merges Inquiries and Intake/Early Start and introduces a method for monitoring closed intake cases to determine if they should be reopened.

Additional Enhancements

Additional Open PDF in Browser

The following reports can now open in PDF using the browser:

  • Remote Work Reports

  • T19 Client Listing

  • T19 Note Sum by SC/Author

  • Open Services Report

  • Outques

Auto-advance on Pop-up Menus

Menus will now automatically advance, requiring fewer clicks and enhancing user ergonomics.

Inquiry Program Enhancements

The program was updated with the following:

  • New field: Date Contact Was Completed

  • Update for Work With Intake Coordination: Contact Due will appear in red if not completed and is overdue as of the current date

  • Converting an Inquiry to a UCI will now prompt a new screen: "Statewide Search Completed? [Yes / No]"

MW3770 System Enhancements

The Med Waiver recertification program is available for Federal Programs, PMs and SCs. The program features the following options:

  • Delete clients from a batch

  •  CDER Profiles individual PDF

  •  Name of client in Forms area

  • Short Term Absences

Remote Work Report

The disclaimers have been updated, and additional comment lines have been added for staff to record extra details.

SANDIS Dashboards Enhancement

Added the feature to drill in and remember applied filters. The data is now exportable to Excel.

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