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SANDIS Release 8.0


SANDIS 8 Updates

New Sign On Screen

Introducing our fresh sign on screen experience, designed for simplicity.


Personalize your SANDIS experience with our new theme selection feature.

SANDIS Banners

Select your preferred banner for a personalized touch.

Work With Residential Vacancies

This program identifies residential vendor vacancies. Users can customize report results with column filters. Residential liaisons can easily modify vacancy information directly from the report.


Personalize SANDIS with a fun avatar selection that matches your style, mood, and personality.

New Favicon & Title

An updated favicon and title for a refreshed look in the browser tab.

Task Bar Separator

Experience a clean look with the new taskbar separators on the menu bar.

Updated Backdrop

Say hello to an updated SANDIS icon backdrop, bidding farewell to the California backdrop.

Loading Animation

A new loading animation for a sleek visual transition.

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