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SANDIS Release 8.2


SANDIS 8.2 Updates

Caseload Ratios Update

New "Complex Needs" and "Low/No POS (ESC)" metrics are added (view only). The "Low/No POS (ESC)" flag updates automatically when a client enrolls or unenrolls in Enhanced Service Coordination. For the "Complex Needs" flag, RCs must inform SANDIS of staff requiring update access

Language Diversity Project

A new language code, "99-Not Available," was created at DDS' request. It can't be used for clients. If used for a parent, it triggers a new line where staff must enter a comment. Additionally, ARCA and DDS are removing the "Care Taker Language" field from the Primary tab.

Open PDF in Browser

Additional reports can now be displayed in the browser as PDFs: Change in Residence, Check Requests, Client Profile, Inquiry Progress Notes, Resource Notes, SIRs, Title 19 Notes and so much more.

Referral Remark

New Referral Source codes are available in the Additional Info page, including options like social media, RC Website, etc. A new code "X-Other" requires comment in the new remark line, but comments can also be added for other codes.

Resource Development Interactive Summary

Resource Development Managers will now have the capability to view a summary of Resource Notes created by staff, similar to the T19 Interactive Management Report.

Work With Intake Coordination

This new Work With program merges Inquiries and Intake/Early Start and introduces a method for monitoring closed intake cases to determine if they should be reopened.

Notes Program Enhancements

  • Chart tracking is now accessible for Inquiry Progress Notes. When "Create Consumer" is selected, these notes will automatically transition into Client Chart Tracking Notes.

  • Regional Centers can configure the Note Programs to restrict staff from altering the "Recorded By" name.

  • The "Copy" note function now removes the author name and review status.

  • Quick text and templates can now be used for Inquiry Progress Notes.


Exciting new avatars have been added into SANDIS, providing you with even more options to choose from. Select an avatarto reflect your unique personality and style.

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