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Get to Know Us

Our team is made up of bright and like-minded individuals, who have come together to explore endless possibilities. We come from a variety of different fields and technical backgrounds, yet our passion to provide the highest quality software product, service, and support ties us all together. Check out the exceptional people who make SANDIS extraordinary. 


Seth Mader, Director of Information Technology

Seth has worked for the San Diego Regional Center since 2001 and brings a diverse set of skills and job experience including: Social Work Counselor, Developmental Center Deflection Placement Specialist, Program Manager and currently the Director of Information Technology. Prior to becoming the Director of the IT department, Seth was responsible for developing a search-based, user-friendly online interface to host SDRC policies & procedures.

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Nancy Lorch, Manager of Software Development 

Nancy has over 40 years of experience with the Regional Center system and over 30 years with SANDIS. She works closely with the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) to help provide solutions to the challenges presented to all of the 21 regional centers. She currently manages a team of programmers responsible for software development including the SANDIS Mobile App, Service Provider Portal, and upgrades and enhancements to the SANDIS 7 desktop application.


Jose Rosas, Manager of Technical Operations

Jose Rosas has worked for SDRC in the Information Systems department for the past 20+ years. He was educated at University of Phoenix and received his Computer Science degree. His primary responsibilities include developing, implementing and maintaining the SDRC Network Infrastructure, supervising the Network Team responsible for staff hardware, software, system security, mail system, network application programs and databases. His Team is also responsible for maintaining the Citrix systems and operating the Help Desk to support all SDRC employees.


Adriana Rivas,  Manager of Application Support

Adriana has dedicated over 15 years to the San Diego Regional Center. Her roles have included Case Management, Clinical Services, and SANDIS. She currently supervises the SANDIS Application Analysts, coordinates software testing, documentation, and on-site training. 

Arturo Enriquez, SANDIS Application Analyst

Prior to joining the San Diego Regional Center, Arturo worked with the County of San Diego's Health and Human Services Agency, and provided software support to the Self-Sufficiency Eligibility department. Arturo has over 4 years of technical experience and enjoys tinkering with his computer for hours. 

Mark Martin, SANDIS Application Analyst

Mark is our most recent member of the SANDIS team as an Application Analyst. He has a unique blend of customer service and hospitality expertise, while also working in roles in leadership development at one of the busiest restaurants in the world. He also has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from San Diego State University. Mark brings experience in understanding user needs, identifying system requirements, and implementing effective solutions with a focus on problem solving and continuous improvement.

Maura Mendez, SANDIS Application Analyst

Maura has worked at the San Diego Regional Center for 30 years. Her vast experience includes Clinical Services, Early Start/Prevention, Genetics, IT HelpDesk and SANDIS support. Maura has worked with SDRC department managers on the development of the new Person-Centered Thinking IPP Program and conducts the Program Manager trainings. 

Melissa Dimdiman, SANDIS Application Analyst

Melissa is a dedicated professional who spent five years as a preschool teacher before joining SDRC as a Service Coordinator. Intrigued by troubleshooting SANDIS and training new hires, she transitioned to become a skilled SANDIS Application Analyst within the organization.

Nikko Almasco, SANDIS Application Analyst

Nikko has more than six years of experience in technical support, clinical systems analysis, and software development. Prior to joining SDRC, he worked with Apple Inc, CliniComp International, and Sharp Coronado Hospital. In addition to providing support to regional centers, Nikko oversees the SANDIS website, newsletters, produces numerous SANDIS documentations, and conducts new user trainings. 

Sheryl Testado, Billing Integrity Specialist

Sheryl is a seasoned professional who began her career as a College Counselor, aiding students in achieving their academic aspirations. She later transitioned into a role as a Service Coordinator, providing support to adult clients with disabilities. Recognizing her skills, Sheryl rose to be the Billing Integrity Specialist at SDRC, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in financial processes.

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