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SANDIS Release 7.8

Updated: Dec 10, 2021


SANDIS 7.8 Updates

DDS POS Expenditure Report – DDS created this report which is frequently used for SDP cases. After program modifications, SANDIS has completed the restoration of the email feature.

Intake Tracking Report – Excel report option added.

Manager POS Approval Queue – Additional column called “# of Days” was added to the Manager’s list of POS requests waiting for approval. The # of Days column displays the difference between today’s date and the POS Start Date.

Medi-Cal # Upload Report – Program revision and consolidated reports. SANDIS has adjusted the reports so they generate a printout even when the default is set to “Email as PDF.” This will go to the printer outque assigned to the person running the job. With features of the new spool file clean-up these reports will be purged regularly.

National Core Indicator (NCI) Contacts – A new field was added in SANDIS to identify the Primary Family Contact for NCI Surveys. When the NCI letters are sent to families, this feature will make it easy for DDS to identify the appropriate person and pull the information from all regional centers.

Spool File Cleanup – SANDIS has created a new program to purge print jobs routinely without having to do it manually. The program uses a table to indicate how many print jobs to keep, and then eliminates the rest.

Vendor Resource File Document Imaging – In addition to the new link for imaged vendor records, SANDIS has created an automated program to add the needed Storage Comment on all active vendor records.

Vendor Interface Reports – Revised and consolidated Vendor Bridge reports which include: Vendors being Added, Vendors being Changed, Service Codes for New Vendors and Service Codes for Updated Vendors. The reports can be sent to a printer or an outque. The Vendor Bridge Interface can be run manually or automated to run on the job scheduler at any regional center.

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