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SANDIS Release 7.10

Updated: Mar 16, 2022


SANDIS 7.10 Updates

Address Verification for Client & Vendor Resources – A new enhancement was added to SANDIS that will verify address locations. The popup will appear when adding a new address or changing an existing address for both Clients and Vendors.

Burial Arrangements – SANDIS is now able to populate burial information from UFS into a new section in SANDIS. You have the option to view existing information or Add New information.

Multiple Guardians/Conservators – The Guardian/Conservator section has been expanded. There are now three tabs that can be used to identify multiple Guardians or Conservators.

SIRs Not Reviewed Update – SANDIS added additional columns of information to the reports for SIRs Not Reviewed. The new columns include Reportable and Incident Status.

Performance Contract Reports – This new feature replaces the previous version of the Performance Contract Reports in SANDIS 6. This new browser-based program is available on the Directors menu however it can be shared with others as needed. Additional programming now allows comparing multiple years to identify trends.

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