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SANDIS Release 7.9

Updated: Dec 10, 2021


SANDIS 7.9 Updates

AARP Program – A new print to PDF or XLS function has been added.

Calendar Buttons – To assist staff with data entry, a new clickable “Today” function has been added to all of the calendar icons throughout the SANDIS program.

CDER Error Reports – The CDER Error Reports have been updated to include current errors from the Nightly Edit Programs. They include CDER errors for SCs and diagnostic errors. A common error seen on the reports is “Date Weighed is not entered.” To help prevent this error from occurring in the future, we updated the program to require a date if a weight is entered.

Client History – The “Export to Excel” function has been added at the bottom of the client history column.

Medicaid Waiver 3770 Program – A new SANDIS 7 MW3770 program is in pilot phase at SDRC, and soon to be released to other piloting regional centers. Once the pilot is complete it will be available for all regional centers.

SIR Follow Up Complete Flag – A new column called “Follow Up Complete” was added to the SIR history screen that clearly identifies the status of the follow up.

SDP Budget Report – DDS created a new report to assist staff with SDP clients by showing how much a client has remaining in their SDP Budget. This report is now available to print or email.

SDP Enrollment – DDS released a list of valid Reactivation codes for SDP terminations. We have updated the SANDIS SDP Program to check the Reason for Termination and only allow certain Reactivation reasons.

Welcome Screen Actions Button – The Actions button has been removed from all Welcome Screens. This button offered access to reports that are currently available under options in the Navigation section. To host the same reports in different places was sometimes confusing for staff, for maintenance, and for support. For this reason we removed the button. Also removed the Travel column from the PM Welcome Screen.

Welcome Screen Avatars – A new “Change Avatar” feature allows staff to select from a list of icons for their Welcome Screen. The default avatar is also available.

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