SANDIS contains information about clients and service providers, making information available to the entire Regional Center Organization. The SANDIS database is intended to provide more complete, detailed data for staff, enabling them to make informed decisions using the tools available.
The Client and Resource database is founded on information required by all departments.  SANDIS is flexible so that it can expand to grow with change and new requirements  Additional data is added or enhancements are made to provide users with access to the most up to date accurate information available, when and where they need it.

SANDIS 7 User Guide

Welcome Screen - PDF | WordDoc
Primary Consumer Sheet - PDF | WordDoc

Client Diagnostic Evaluation Report (CDER) - PDF | WordDoc
Client Inquiry - PDF | WordDoc
Electronic Case Transfers - PDF | WordDoc
Title 19 
     T19 for Service Coordinator - PDF | WordDoc
T19 for Manager - PDF | WordDoc
Individual Program Plan (IPP) - PDF | WordDoc
Person-Centered Thinking (PCT) IPP - PDF | WordDoc
Purchase Of Service (POS) - PDF | WordDoc
Current Authorizations - PDF | WordDoc
Resource Processing - PDF | Word
Special Incident Report (SIR) - PDF | WordDoc

Transportation Service Requests (TSRs) - PDF | WordDoc
Trust Check Request  - PDF | WordDoc