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SANDIS Release 7.14


SANDIS 7.14 Updates

Chart Tracking – One Note to Many Clients

Chart tracking was designed for support staff (SS) to document completed tasks. The one note to many clients feature allows SS to update multiple records with the same note and details.

Resource Work Orders

This program is similar to Chart Tracking except tracking here is for resources. This new feature allows resource staff to document completed tasks relating to a particular vendor. A history is kept with note details such as recorded by, contact date, units, work order type, and note details. With remote work, this is a way to document and track completed tasks.

Resource Work Orders – One Note to Many Resources

The one note to many resources feature allows resource staff to update multiple records with the same work order note and details.

Work With Residential Vacancies

This program identifies residential vendor vacancies. Users can customize report results with column filters. Residential liaisons can easily modify vacancy information directly from the report.

Work With Intakes + Early Start

This program has two access levels: Manager and Service Coordinator (SC). This report facilitates access to Intake and Early Start cases, filtered by unit and/or assigned SC. Overdue reports are easily identified in red. Users can update report completion dates directly from the report. When updating data and returning to the report, updated data is immediately reflected in the report.

Work With Inquiries

Inquiry records are brought up in an interactive welcome screen format. The report can be modified using the various column filters. Records can be accessed quickly and updates can be made directly from the report.

Emergency Contacts

Identifies clients who are missing an emergency contact in the client record.

Existing Program Enhancements

  • Work With Service Delivery Type - a new column was added to identify Enhanced Service Coordination (ESC) flag.

  • Filter Bar Update - the interactive filter bar has been added to: Work With Diversions and T19 Notes Programs

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